Policies and Procedures

Enrollment and Scheduling in Groups:

We group students with peers that function similarly to your child in his/her cognitive, perspective taking, social language, reading, writing and auditory processing abilities. Finding common times for similar students to be scheduled can be a difficult puzzle to solve. To help with the process we encourage you to provide as many possible times and days to allow the most options when scheduling. This significantly increases the chances that your child will be placed in a group. Please read the below information closely as it has changed.


Attendance and Cancellation Policy for Groups:

Please note that a significant amount of effort goes into the organization of these groups. To ensure the highest level of progress for your child and because other clients are dependent on the commitment it is important that you are committed to participating in the duration of the group.

By signing up for a program you are committing to pay for the entire program even if you are not able to attend all of the sessions.


Family Involvement:

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to attend the last 10 minutes of each therapy session to explore with the therapist the new ideas learned during the session. Each client’s growth and progress depends on continued exposure and carryover in outside environments by the adults and professionals supporting them. It is central for these team members to learn new concepts, vocabulary, and strategies along with the child/client.



Please fill out prior to initial intake. Remember, the more time slots you make available for us to choose from, the more likely it will be that we are able to place your child in our clinic.